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If you want to insure your German caravan, then we can help.

Insuring German-made caravans may have been difficult or expensive (or both!) in the past. Like most products that come out of Germany and countries with a reputable history for design and manufacturing, German caravans are high quality vehicles. This makes them not only particularly attractive to caravanners who appreciate their high specification – but, sadly, to thieves.

Parts may often be more expensive to come by, as well, should your caravan need a repair – meaning that some insurers will not insure your caravan – or charge you a breath-taking premium to do so.

We don’t believe this is fair and so have secured cover that will not only give your caravan the protection it needs – but at a realistic price.

Why not get a free, no obligation quote now and see how cheap German caravan insurance may be?

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[homepage_feature title=”Free Continental cover” img=”http://www.germancaravaninsurance.co.uk/wp-content/themes/doover/images/globe.png” link_href=”/features” link_title=”Read more”] Free Continental cover up to 280 days per annum is included [/homepage_feature]

[homepage_feature title=”Peace of Mind” img=”http://www.germancaravaninsurance.co.uk/wp-content/themes/doover/images/protect.png” link_href=”/features” link_title=”Read more”] Generous discounts where touring caravans are stored on CaSSOA sites or if you are a member of a recognised caravanning club [/homepage_feature]

[homepage_feature title=”Online Tools” img=”http://www.germancaravaninsurance.co.uk/wp-content/themes/doover/images/tools.png” link_href=”/features” link_title=”Read more”] Compare policies from a range of insurers online… [/homepage_feature]

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